Dec 31, 2013

Leaving 2013...And Entering 2014!

2013 was a great year. 

On January 19, the first post of Bakers' Central was published. On Jan. 19 of this year, we'll have an anniversary celebration. Bakers' Central is turning 1 year old!

Also, look at what YOU have done for us. Without viewers, it can be hard to even be motivated to keep posting. We just want to thank you for all your support. 

Come 2014, take the time to reflect on your achievements. Let's see, Bakers' Central:

  • Started a blog
  • Got some viewers
  • Launched a business
  • Had some customers
And overall, had a great year. Take all your old achievements from this year and tell yourself to do greater things with them. 

Ask Yourself: What did you do in 2013 that you will take to another level in 2014?


Hari said...

Wonderful note, Renuka -- I am thinking now about the last question you raised in your posting! Good luck to the Bakers' Central team for 2014! Awesome work by all of you.

Renuka Balakrishnan said...

Thanks, and happy New Year!