Jun 26, 2013


Some people have allergies to thing like nuts and dairy, which sometimes might make you think it's going to be harder to bake. That's absolutely not true!! Here are some substitutes, though!

Peanut butter- soynut butter (you can buy this at Whole Foods)

Chocolate- dairy free chocolate (you can buy this at Whole Foods)

Sugar- Splenda (you can buy this at Shaw's)

Milk- soymilk (you can buy this at Trader Joe's)

These are just a few pointers, but you can go broader than this, and even make some healthy choices!

Jun 15, 2013

Delicious (and healthy) homemade salad

Make your own tomato and cucumber salad!


-1 roma tomato

-1 cucumber

-salt and pepper to taste

Directions (makes 1 serving)

1. Cut the tomato into cubes.

2. Peel and cut the cucumber into cubes.

3. Put both into a bowl.

4. Add desired amount of salt and pepper.

This salad has a rather tangy, rather spicy taste.