Dec 23, 2013

The Dangers of Fast Food

Fast food can be really bad for you. According to the Massachusetts Medical Society Committee on Nutrition, fast food has high fat content and can increase body mass index (BMI). BMI is a number that is calculated from how tall a person is and how much they weigh. 

But that is not all - there are things like trans fats lurking in fast food, too. Trans fats can ruin your tastebuds then go down, where they can clog your arteries.

Also, the packaging on fast food items can be dangerous to the environment. There are tons of wrappers that get littered and left behind at beaches, parks, etc. 

Be more aware about your diet, and don't try to eat too much fast food. It is dangerous!


Anonymous said...

really interesting!

Raman Harihar said...

Dear Renuka
I agree that not all fast foods are good for health.But at the same time not all fast foods are bad either.
The same way not all fats are bad.
Trans fats are better avoided.Some good fats are essential for the body.
Happy Christmas.