Jan 19, 2013

Welcome to Bakers' Central!

Here's what we're going to be writing about:
  • ideas for desserts and treats
  • pictures of sweet treats
  • tips on baking techniques
  • ... and more!
Please be sure to comment and tell us what you think. We would love your suggestions! 

And, please take our poll (on the right)!


Hari said...

I love this blog! Looking forward to new posts.

Raman Harihar said...

I like this blog of yours dear Renuka.Will follow up new postings.

Balu Grandpa said...

I know I'm just going to love this blog because it'll let me imagine that I'm devouring the most
delicious desserts without adding forbidden calories and having Grandma frown in disapproval:-)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, guys! How do I take the poll?

Hari said...

Anonymous: The poll is on the right under the question "WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT?" --->
BTW I'm sure the author would appreciate knowing your name -- thanks!

Rama Grandma said...

Renuka, this is a first for me---writing on a blogpost! I think it's a great idea . I'm going to be following your posts closely and when you start your business with Lavanya , that will be a first for our family!

Priya said...

Great work guys!! Looking forward to your fun posts.