Feb 17, 2013

Cake Pop Cake

Looking for a way to have a decorative cake at a birthday party, or any event for that matter?  Well you can try this.

1. Make a cake and don't frost it.

2.  Then break it up and roll  it into small balls.

3. Add cake pop sticks.

4. For frosting the cake pops- Melt chocolate candy and dip the cake pops in it.

5. Decorate with your favorite sprinkles!

6. Make the second cake.

7. Frost it.

8. Insert cake pops on top. This makes for a very fancy cake.

9. Enjoy!

Feb 7, 2013

Creamy Hot Chocolate recipe

Most schools have the day off because of the snowstorm(my school included), so why not spend the whole day baking? I would, but you don't have to. Or you could go outside and have a snowball fight(or something). But who said you couldn't do both? I have a great way to make hot chocolate that will really come in handy after a cold day outside. A lot of stuff is optional in this recipe. It takes only three easy steps! 

Creamy Hot Chocolate recipe
What you need:
Milk, about half of your mug
Chocolate chips, melted into a hot sauce
Whipped cream(optional)

1. Warm up the milk for about a minute.
2. Stir in the chocolate sauce made from your chocolate chips.
3. Add in the marshmallows and whipped cream (optional), and enjoy!

Feb 2, 2013

Cookie Decorating!

Again, some Valentine's Day writing. This time, though, it's gonna be about baking, actually baking ideas. I think it's sweet to give someone cookies on Valentines Day (or any holiday), so here are some ideas to give your cookies a unique pop!

First, you can make your cookies in a special shape, such as a heart, or even an "I Love You". Remember: The more creative you get, the more pleased the person will be to receive the cookies.

There are also cool ways to decorate the cookies. I like to frost the cookies a certain color. Then sprinkle some sprinkles on them (maybe a different shade of the frosting color).

But don't be afraid to experiment with your own ideas! The receiver of your cookies will be sure to love the gift!