Sep 28, 2013

October Almost On The Way

Some favorite fall hobbies and things I thought you might like!

These are pumpkin cupcakes from the blog I think they really welcome October, what with the "pumpkin" theme. These would go really well with cream cheese frosting! 

This is a fall wreath for a front door. I found it on
As shown below, it looks really good on a reddish-brown
 or brown door.

Enjoy these photos and links!

Sep 24, 2013

Fall Crafts - Great Ideas!

Make a tissue paper collage scrapbook of your best fall moments!

  • Tissue paper
  • Elmer's glue in a paint cup or disposable bowl
  • Blank solid color journal (white or a light color)
  • Other decorations like glitter or magazine cutouts (optional)
  • small paintbrush
First, open the journal and lay it face down. Take the paintbrush and spread glue in a small area. Stick different overlapping colors of tissue paper on top of it. Then spread a thin, fine layer of glue over the tissue paper to give it a nice shine. Repeat. After everything is covered and dry, decorate with your favorite pictures, drawings, or colors!

Note: When you are decorating the spine, at different intervals open and close the book to make sure it doesn't stick anywhere.  

Sep 21, 2013

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Today is the last day of the Chinese Moon Festival. It is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. During this festival, the Chinese people eat moon cakes. Below is a link for the recipe to Moon Cakes! 

Here is a Lunar Calendar!     

Sep 20, 2013

Thanks to Other Baking Blogs and Websites

Wow, I'm really getting the knack of this photoblogging stuff! It's actually really fun to post pictures of tasty desserts and then let you have a try at baking (and eating) them. Because there are other great cooking blogs and websites out there as well! If you have any suggestions, please comment so that we here at Bakers' Central can have the best blog possible.

Sep 19, 2013

Make Breakfast Taste AMAZING

These are some chocolate coconut scones that I found a picture of online. They look delicious, so why not try baking them yourself?

Here is the link:

Sep 14, 2013

Fall Recipe Share

Want to share a delicious recipe? Comment on this post with the ingredients, recipe, and maybe  a few cooking tips. You can comment as Anonymous, Name/URL, Google Account, or anything else you want. It can also be a variation of a recipe we posted here. At Bakers' Central, we look forward to receiving cool recipes, and trying them out as well! Hopefully, if we get enough comments, one of them will make it into it's own post! Please tell us if you don't want your comment to be featured, or if it can only be featured anonymously. Thanks!  

Sep 3, 2013

Crazy French Fry commercial

My friend Mimi and I composed a song using the tune and some of the words from the 50 states song!! :)

50 nifty fries:50 nifty united fries from 13 original potatoes.
50 nifty fries in the pan that sizzles so beautifully in the heat.
Each individual fry contributes a quality that is great.
Each individual fry deserves a try, we eat them now.
50 nifty United fries from 13 original potatoes
Fry them, try them, you really should buy them, one by one till you've given a try to every fry in the French Fry Company!

Sep 1, 2013

Halloween Costume Countdown!!!

10.) Cowgirl/cowboy

9.) Cupcake

8.) Soccer player

7.) Queen

6.) Waitress

5.) Doll  

4.) Harry Potter character

3.) Ninja

2.) Ballerina

1.) Sun maid raisins