Nov 27, 2014

DIY Christmas Decor

Since Thanksgiving is today, why not get a head start and start to decorate for Christmas? These are some DIYs to get a bedroom into the holiday spirit. 

Pipecleaner Candy Canes

Some might say I went a little crazy with this project...

What you need: (to make 16 candy canes)

-8 red pipecleaners
-8 white pipecleaners

1.) Take a red pipecleaner and a white pipecleaner and twist the two together.

2.) Cut the pipecleaner twist in half.
3.) Bend each half at the end to make the "curve" of the candy cane.
4.) Repeat! I also made this with green and white pipecleaners.

Mini Christmas Tree Decorations

I put this one on my desk. Gorgeous!

What you need:

-Mini Christmas tree (you can get these at craft stores like Michaels, Hollingworth 5 & 10, and Playtime)
-Ribbon / ribbon scraps
-Red, white and green pipecleaner scraps
-Small christmas ornaments

1.) Wrap the ribbon around the tree. Tie the ribbon scraps together, if necessary. 

2.) Hang the ornaments where you like 'em - they add a little bit of sparkle.
3.) Scatter the pipecleaner scraps and the place the tree where you want! 

This looks really good on a desk, dresser, or nightstand.

Throw Pillow!!

Who doesn't love a nice throw pillow?

What you need:

-about in 8.5in x 11in red felt
-about 4in x 5in green felt
-needle and thread
-polyester stuffing

1.) Cut out a Christmas tree shape out of the green felt. It helps to draw out a template before cutting.
2.) Sew the tree onto the top half of the red felt (the hamburger way) using a running stitch.
3.) Fold the red felt in half (the hamburger way) and sew along the edges in a running stitch. *REMEMBER TO LEAVE A SIDE UNSTITCHED FOR THE STUFFING TO COME IN!*
4.) Add an adequate amount of stuffing (not too much, and not too little), and then continue your running stitch to finish up the pillow. 
5.) Tie the knot, and you're done!

Happy Thanksgiving, and a happy early holiday!!!

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