Oct 28, 2014

QUICKEST and EASIEST Halloween Costumes

With Halloween in 3 DAYS, lots of people are stressing about what to be for Halloween. These are just some tips to get you started. You can add your own unique touches too!

1. Cat. All you have to do is buy ears and a tail, and wear black. You can accent with makeup (cat-eyes!) if you want. To do that, just use liquid eyeliner.

2. Soccer player. Put on a soccer jersey, athletic shorts, shin-guards and socks, and cleats, and you can use charcoal or black lipstick for stripes on your cheeks.

3. Witch. Throw on a black dress and buy a witch hat for a couple dollars at a local craft store. You could even carry along a broomstick to fly on!

4. Ballerina. Have your old ballet skirt? Well then you can put that on, with some matching tights and flats (don't have to be ballet slippers). Then throw on a cardigan and a white shirt. *Note: this is best for warmer weather.

Hope these are helpful! I'm going to go as the cat. ;)

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