Oct 13, 2014

Room Decor!

There are SO many ways you can make your bedroom nice and cozy for fall, and here are some of them... (THANKS TO Bethany Mota FOR SOME OF THESE IDEAS!)


What you need:
-3 glass jars
-fake leaves, candy corn, and acorns
-Twine, maroon or cream

1.) To make leaf jar, put fake leaves in a jar. Wrap twine around the jar 3-5 times, and tie off with a bow.
2.) Repeat with candy corn, and then acorns. 
(Thanks, Bethany Mota)


Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun, from Bath and Body Works
Apple Spice, from Yankee Candle
Spooky Candle JAR, from Bed Bath and Beyond

Happy Fall!

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Maya Chandrakasan said...

can you do Christmas d├ęcor???