Oct 12, 2013

Problems with Posting Comments

So, after a couple of hours of trying to figure out why sometimes comment posting works and sometimes it doesn't, my dad and I figured out that it has to do with something called "third party cookies". Apparently Blogger has three kinds of comments: "embedded", which is what we had before and looks the nicest, "full page", which takes you to a full page of comments on the post alone, and "pop up", which opens a new window. Embedded needs something called "accept third party cookies" enabled. These are not the cookies you can eat! Anyway, my dad says that some people don't have "third party cookies" enabled. So those people would not have been able to write comments. I have changed it to "full page" comments for now. I hope it works but the format isn't as nice.

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Renuka Balakrishnan said...

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