Oct 5, 2013

3 Ways To Help The Environment

1. Organize a trash cleanup.
Scoop trash you find around your neighborhood into a plastic or paper bag. Be sure to wear disposable gloves or gloves you can get dirty. This is a lot of fun with a group of 3 or 4 friends. 

2. Cut down on paper use.
Try to go a whole day without using any more paper than you need to. Try using paper with one side written on already.

3. Organize your used paper. 
Ask yourself, "Can I make something out of this paper?" "Does it only have one side with writing on it?" "Can it serve another purpose?"

This is good to do since we only have so much time until we can't go outside anymore, it will be too cold.



Hari Balakrishnan said...

You forgot -- turning off the lights when you leave the room. Ahem!

Hari Balakrishnan said...

Your list is very good, especially #2 and #3 because everyone can do it with just a little bit of care.

Renuka Balakrishnan said...

Well, I'm sorry if sometimes I forget to turn out the lights! :-)

Radha Grandma said...

Help environment by not wasting water.

For e.g., when you brush your teeth, open the faucet only when it is needed, and do not have the water flowing throughout till you finish brushing, like some people do.

Water is precious. We must remember that in some parts of the world, women walk 2 or 3 miles each time from their homes to the nearest well/source of potable water, to bring back just 2 pails of water for cooking/cleaning etc.