Jan 21, 2013

Ohlin's Bakery

Ohlin's Bakery is located in Cushing Square, Belmont, MA.They have lots of gourmet treats, as well as breakfast items, such as Green Mountain coffee, muffins, and donuts. Whenever I walk through Cushing Square, I can't help but stick my head into Ohlin's and take a big sniff. It smells delicious. Some of their sweet treats are cookies and cupcakes. They also have custom cakes. Ever since I was little, I have ordered my birthday cake from Ohlin's. The cake is always delicious. And, you can have them write something on the cake with icing, like "Happy Birthday!". 

If you live in Belmont MA, and walking distance from Ohlin's, then you should take advantage of it, and walk over and buy something every day. Yum! 


vbalki said...

Their blueberry muffins and banana bread are highly recommended:-)

Anonymous said...

Ohlin's doughnuts were voted #1 by the Boston Globe!!!! They are much better and (probably) healthier for you