Sep 24, 2013

Fall Crafts - Great Ideas!

Make a tissue paper collage scrapbook of your best fall moments!

  • Tissue paper
  • Elmer's glue in a paint cup or disposable bowl
  • Blank solid color journal (white or a light color)
  • Other decorations like glitter or magazine cutouts (optional)
  • small paintbrush
First, open the journal and lay it face down. Take the paintbrush and spread glue in a small area. Stick different overlapping colors of tissue paper on top of it. Then spread a thin, fine layer of glue over the tissue paper to give it a nice shine. Repeat. After everything is covered and dry, decorate with your favorite pictures, drawings, or colors!

Note: When you are decorating the spine, at different intervals open and close the book to make sure it doesn't stick anywhere.  

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