Feb 7, 2013

Creamy Hot Chocolate recipe

Most schools have the day off because of the snowstorm(my school included), so why not spend the whole day baking? I would, but you don't have to. Or you could go outside and have a snowball fight(or something). But who said you couldn't do both? I have a great way to make hot chocolate that will really come in handy after a cold day outside. A lot of stuff is optional in this recipe. It takes only three easy steps! 

Creamy Hot Chocolate recipe
What you need:
Milk, about half of your mug
Chocolate chips, melted into a hot sauce
Whipped cream(optional)

1. Warm up the milk for about a minute.
2. Stir in the chocolate sauce made from your chocolate chips.
3. Add in the marshmallows and whipped cream (optional), and enjoy!

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